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Camels in Japan? | May 15, 2011

There are no Camels in Japan. When I first visited the US from Israel, in the late 70’s, people asked me if I owned a Camel and if that is how I got to school. I always considered it a result of ignorance. Israel was a modern country and my Dad was driving an American car at the time.
During this trip to Japan, I had a few “Camel” gaffes and I am about to put myself to shame as a way of redemption.
Rice fields:
on the plane to Tokyo, a lady named Michiko was sitting next to me and we struck a conversation about what to see in Japan. I asked her where can we best see Rice Fields in the country.had pictured in my mind, steaming flooded fields stacked down a mountain side, in a foggy day. She smiled politely, and told me that there are several places depending on where we go. She was polite, Japanese style. Well folks, the answer is everywhere. Once we landed and got out of the airport, we found out that other then down town Tokyo, there is no single road or view that does not include a rice field somewhere. We have 2,000 km of footage to prove it.
When riding into Kyoto, a giant Buddha statue was seen on the mountain above one of the town’s shrines. Whe I was discussing what to see in Kyoto, with the concierge in the hotel, I asked what is the site of the giant stone Buddha. The lady concierge giggled in a typical Japanese way and told me that it was not Buddha, just a stone statue… It sure looked like Buddha to me.
Shoji doors:
Our first night was spent in a traditional Ryokan in Goyakama, a heritage village near Nagano. Danielle was interested to know how do the people here keep the snow out of the house, with the Japanese doors made wood and paper doors. She asked a girl who was sharing dinner with us, how do the doors with Rice paper windows, keep the snow out. The girl giggled and told us that it is just paper, not Rice paper… Didn’t we always learn that Japanese doors and screens are made with wood and rice papers?…

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