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Join MaiPerso for a 10 day Motorcycle Adventure to Machu Picchu – January 2012 | July 24, 2011

… the pavement ended as the front wheel of my BMW 1200GS hit the gravel. My focus shifted from the mountainous view, to the dirt road I was riding on. It takes me a few minutes to adjust to the new terrain, and I can start looking up around me again. Dramatic clouds and a breath-taking sunset form a perfect frame to this endless road up the Chilean Andes. Twenty odd minutes later, I get a hint of pork roasting over an open fire floating through the air. Dinner is about to be served…

If you would like this to be the way you describe your next travel adventure, join MaiPerso for an unforgettable 10 day adventure to South America. The route will take us from Cuzco Peru, through Machu Picchu at the top of the Andes mountains. We will experience breath taking views as we ride through Bolivia, through the Salt plains of Salta Argentina and on to our final destination in Cordoba Argentina.

Here’s why you want to sign up:

You will be riding about 2,500 KMs (about 1,700 Miles) on a motorbike, through some of the most amazing terrain you have ever experienced.
We are offering a hassle free adventure. Experience the gifts the landscape provides us, without needing to worry about the motorbike, food, lodging and other logistics.

The MaiPerso adventure to South America, is focused on local food and culture. We are offering you the chance to get the lowdown from the cook at the local restaurant and chew “coca leaves” to take care of the elevation sickness just to name a couple.
MaiPerso is intuitive. You want to take that left turn? Go for it. Want to skip a day and catch up tomorrow? In most cases, we can figure it out. We promise to stay flexible.

Did we get you hooked?
The trip includes most everything you need. We will pick you up at the Cuzco airport the first day, and deliver you to an airport on the final day of the trip. You will get a well maintained bike, a support truck and a support team. Your meals and lodging will be arranged, unless you want to take time off from the group.

Please RSVP to keep a place on the trip. We have a handful of spots left.

This is an invitation only trip. Let us know if there is someone you would like to recommend.

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