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Cusco brings back old memories | January 23, 2012

Being harassed by Sara, a 10 year old girl in tha main plaza in Cusco and ended buying a peruvian doll of a woman carrying a baby. Bright orange colors. Michi will like her. Got some friendship bracelet to go with it. Cusco reminds me of my Dad. He visited Peru ages ago and held a Slides evening to show and tell us about Machu Picchu and Cusco.
We got on the bikes this morning after a great day in Machu Picchu yesterday. The trip is amazing even though the tempo is slower then we usually do. We have all been tired and ate happy with some time for leisurely sightseeing. The ride this morning was great. Twisters, dirt, puddles and a tame water crossing and a visit to an Inca agricultural site with circular terraces, followed. Y a natural Salt production valley.
I let myself get lost in Cusco but started heading back to the hotel since the temperature is dropping rapidly since the sun set. It’s probably mid 20s now. I can’t claim I have seen the town bit fro
Wandering around for a couple of hours, it does not get on my favorite list. Very touristic and signs in Hebrew every three stores. Muchileros… We will be leaving here tomorrow morning and I doubt that I’ll be back here anytime soon. Curious to hear the verdict of the group.

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