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Between trips | April 23, 2012

ImageEach time we get back from our grand adventures, we start planning the next one. It’s sometime hard to put them in prospective especially after adventures to japan, Chile, Argentina or Peru.

But reality is that living in the Bay Area provides for amazing trips to places like the Sierras, Death Valley, the amazingly and challenging route 1 up the coast and many more places. All within half a day drive.

In a few weeks we are leaving for a 10 day trip to Cuba. but for now, with the amazing weather that struck us yesterday, I dressed my 82 year old Mom with riding gear and took her on the Beemer with sidecar, to a trip around the bay. We crossed the Golden Gate bridge and stopped for an Ice cream in Sausalito. It’s the fact that my Mom was having a blast behind me, both from the ride as well as the stunning views, that made me realize that Adventure is never far away. And reality is, that Mai Perso is actually in me, not necessarily on the other side of the world.

I love having my family with me on my travels and adventures. It’s never the same trying to tell the story, vs. sharing it with them. How about you?

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