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Potosi to Uyuni – Day 5

February 2, 2012
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A lazy start following an eventful ride on day 4, and what looks like a promising ride. Nacho provided guidance which we all learned to take with a grain of salt… The day will be all pavement other then parts of the road that are under construction, and the last 60 km as we reach our destination for the night. All in all it’s a 235km ride, (apx. 150 mi.).

So… how did it pan out? well we started the ride with a grand tour of the Potosi city dump. Our first water crossing was a local sewage. We then picked up the road that created us with a well paved series of twistys and wonderful scenery. As we were increasing the distance from Potosi deeper into the high mountains, the first “Under construction” sections started showing up. These sections turned at some point to an “under construction first road stretching for about 100km.

Well… that’s when the magic of the BMW 1200GS hits you. Just as much as we were having fun on the paved road, we were now riding an uber fun dirt road, with packed sand, water crossings, mud, gravel, you name it, we had it. And it was just an endless source of fun. Yesterday’s misery turned into one of the best road and off road riding days in our collective recent memory. Not too short, not too long and a combo of all terrains desired by a GS rider.

During a lunch break, we met two Israeli 800GS rtiders making their way to Ushuaia, who waited for us at the next water crossing to get a first hand demo of how to handle water on a GS. Our team has handled the crossing flawlessly, giving them the demo they were looking for.

At the end of the road, after crossing thorough the town of Uyuni on the way to the salt lakes, we ended the afternoon at our next stop at the Salt Hotel “Luna Salada”.

The hotel was the kind of experience you have at the Ice hotel or one of those funky places around the globe. The building is made from Salt bricks, The floor is covered with rough grains of salt, and a smoked salt smell hangs in the dirt from the Salt structured fireplaces along the corridors.

Out the panoramic windows, The moon was reflected in the salt plains that were now all water due to the rains that poured here in the past couple of weeks. A dramatic picture perfect view.

Pisco Sours, Cusquena beers, Gin & Tonics, shower, dinner… Life is good!

Getting the Tzchachkes

January 16, 2012
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MaiPerso Adventure to Machu PicchuFinishing touch on the giveaways and finally getting ready to pack our own gear. We have been stacking the Warm / Cold riding gear and under armor layers, the GPS is ready and loaded and so is the SPOT, first aid kit, bike repairs, iPod, iPad, MackBook and other Apple gadgets we can no longer do with out. There Contour Helmet Cam that this time around is expected to capture action in the making, additional external hard drive and that’s a wrap for electronics. Bug replant, Sun screen and tylanol seal the list. Getting on the plain to Lima tomorrow evening. Starting to count down in hours not days. That’s when you know it’s really close.

MaiPerso adventure to Machu Picchu – Day by day

December 19, 2011
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Some more information on the planned route. As you know, the route is a plan that is likely to change.We are trying to experience the country through the lens of the locals. The places we are staying at will be the best we could find in the area, but not western where possible.

In general, we will have breakfast in the hotel, lunch when we feel like it along the route and dinner at our destination.

We would like to stick together but will not be offended if you want to break off for a romantic dinner or a burger with fries…
Friday Jan. 20th
Gather in Lima for a group hug and debrief. (Hugs not mandatory…)
We will all be in town the day before. We will share hotel locations and maybe schedule lunch or dinner for whoever is available
Saturday Jan. 21st – 50 Mile ride
– Morning shuttle from hotel to the Lima airport and a short flight to Cuzco.
– Acclimatize and a Trip to the Sacred Valley for our next stop. We are going to try and get the bikes at the airport or lunch place, and ride to the Sacred Valley for our first two night hotel
Sunday Jan. 22nd
Machu Picchu day. A couple of hours train ride each way and a long day of Inca exploration.
Monday Jan. 23rd – 60 Mile ride
Sacred Valley exploration.
Tuesday Jan. 24th – 250 Mile ride
Sacred Valley to Puno, Lake Titicaca. Afternoon exploring the lake and it’s islands.
Wednesday Jan. 25th – 500 Mile ride
Puno to Potosi.
Late morning crossing of the border from Peru to bolivia and ass hauling down HWY 1 through La Paz to Potosi
Thursday Jan. 26th – 150 mile ride
Morning visit to the Salt mines in Potosi and a 2-3 hour ride in the afternoon to Uyuni.
They say that your rider test in Potosi include a 2 minute ride on the salt lake, blindfolded…
Friday Jan. 27th – 385 Mile ride
Uyuni to San Salvador de Jujuy. Border crossing to Argentina late morning.
Mountainous terrain with a 7,500 ft. descent
Saturday Jan. 28th – 525 Mile ride
Jujuy to Cordoba at Salinas grandes for our final destination. Return of the bikes
Farewell dinner at the ranch.
Sunday Jan. 29th
Breakfast and early departure to Cordoba airport and back to Lima.
Group hug mandatory. Tears optional…
Taking off from the Cordoba airport

Getting ready for The Machu Picchu adventure

November 16, 2011
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The heat is on, we started the countdown to the Machu Picchu trip and the list of todo items is getting longer. Participants confirmed, route confirmed, most flights are booked and theMotorcycles have been secured for the trip. Our Argentinian contact is doing the route, confirming access routes, and some cool spots along the way.
I have organized many trips in my life, for groups varying from a handful of people to several hundreds. Some have been very complex from logistics perspective, but this trip is one of the more exciting for me. It’s the first of many trips we will be doing with MaiPerso. If this adventure is as successful as I envision it to be, we are going to have a blast, with an amazing group of friends, for many years to come.
We have Europe, Japan, Asia, South America, Cuba, China and the Middle East on our list.
Mountains on super bikes, Cuba on vintage Harley’s, Thailand on scooters, Japan and more.
We want to travel the world and see these places through the eyes of the locals, eating local food, sleeping local and leaving with a taste for more.
I am stoked with the thought that we can be doing this over and over, in all those places.
Back to the trip planning. I want it to be perfect, in a funky kind of way.

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